Hallway Gallery

In Our Hallway Gallery: is SatRealism – an art movement co-founded by Delmon Hall and Bart Lanman. There is not a shared aesthetic between the artists of SatRealism so when asked to try and best sum up what ties the artists of SatRealism together Del has said “We all believe in the seemingly simple yet profound truth… if your heart is open – abundance will follow”. When you are doing something you love it makes a difference… people can feel it. SatRealists love what they do and strive to connect with and portray something greater – something uplifting. “Sat” means “true” in Sanskrit and thus SatRealism means the True Realism… art inspired by communications of the heart. Whether it’s a painting by Del or Jonathon Blake, a scribble portrait by Bart Lanman, photographs by Emily Allred or Paul Nelson, or wood turnings from Jason Levinson the variable is the same. The artists love what they do and know it is when their hearts are open that they can hear those gentle whisperings – the guidance that if followed makes life a joy to live.   www.satrealism.com