Educational Studio

We are looking for Potters and Printmakers to use our

Educational Studio!


Educational Studio Usage Guidelines
The Shenandoah Valley Art Center has a fully equipped pottery and printmaking studio in the basement of our downtown Waynesboro building. We have opened the studio for member artist use- we welcome you to take advantage of the great equipment we have!
For clay:
A slab roller, wedging table, and extruder. We also have a great kiln (modest firing fee applies), and some basic hand building tools. We currently have a small wheel, and are working toward a new one.
You can download an application HERE.
For printmaking:
A brand new 14 x 22 Conrad monotype press which can be used for any kind of intaglio and most kinds of relief printmaking, drying racks, and basic tools.
You can download an application HERE.
Artists are required to:
• Be a current/active SVAC member.
• Be 18 or older.
• Complete an application and be approved by the Studio Committee.
• Sign a contract and release of liability.
• Pay an Independent study fee of $60 per quarter.
• Pay a shelf usage fee for clay artists ($25).
• The kiln firing fee is $25.00 per shelf; the maximum clay item height is 8 inches. The kiln will be fired when full. The kiln firing range is up to cone six.
• Artists must attend an orientation for equipment operation prior to first using studio.
• Open studio hours are from 8am to 9 pm, Monday through Sunday except when SVAC programs are scheduled.
• Artists must supply their own clay, glaze, tools, etc. Clay may be available for purchase, if the artist wishes SVAC to order clay for their use, price to be determined. Minimal tools will be available for artist use. We also have clear glaze for artist use.
• Artist must sign usage log each time they use the studio.
• Artists are responsible for following studio clean-up regulations after each studio usage; failure to comply may result in cancellation of artist contract.
• Artist must comply with any specific equipment regulations as posted in Education Studio; failure to comply may result in cancellation of artist contract.
• Artist is responsible for the cost of repairs to equipment if damaged through negligent use while they are using it.
• Artists are responsible for reporting any concerns or issues about the space or equipment to SVAC.