Our Studio Artists

Upstairs at SVAC there are 7 studios rented out to local artists. After passing through the selection committee, artists are allowed to rent one of the sunny spacious rooms to paint, draw, and play in. Our studio artists are talented in a variety of media, and get to showcase their works each year in an annual Studio Artists Exhibit in the Hallway Galleries.


Current Studio Artists

Marti Reed: Oil and Acrylics

Ellen Kell: Paintings

Joy E. Tartter: Paintings in a variety of media 

Myra Brown: Oil Paintings

Betty DeMar Mueller: Prints & Paintings

Betty Arehart: Watermedia works on paper.

John Holye: Drawings, paintings, etchings, and more.

Carmen Snodgrass: Drawing

Pat Garnett: Painting

Piper Groves, Printmaking and Mixed Media




Be sure to check our Opportunities page for studio availability.